Our Name

Omtoria credits its creation from the combining of two mothers' names (Omo and Victoria).  From mothers we are born, raised and loved... through Mother Nature we are born, raised and loved.  At Omtoria this is what we truly believe.

Our Origins

Omtoria was developed by daughter, wife and mother Cindy Persaud.  

Cindy was inspired to create something special for her family by making safe and effective natural skincare products that did not contain harmful chemicals or toxins.  Many of the "all natural" skincare products that Cindy had previously purchased for her family often contained unnatural ingredients within them or they posed various health risks because unsafe plants and/or essential oils were included.

Founder Cindy Persaud enjoying a hike with her husband and son through one of the family's favourite forests.

Founder Cindy Persaud enjoying a hike with her husband and son through one of the family's favourite forests.

Realizing that she would have to create what her family needed, Cindy registered and studied to become an Aromatherapist and dove head first into the study of the uses and benefits of different herbs and medicinal plants.  With hundreds of hours of research and experimentation, Cindy started creating safe, natural and effective skin care products that her family and friends were benefitting from.  

The products at Omtoria were not initially developed to fill a void or a need in the public market of natural skin care.  The products at Omtoria were created to naturally heal, sooth and improve the condition of one woman's family's skin.  Through a natural progression and demand by others, these products are now lovingly made and offered to you.


Our Goal

To develop the safest, most effective and natural skincare products through the intelligent and responsible practice of Aromatherapy and Herbalism.    

Aboriginal cultures around the world have always known about the healing and medicinal properties in the plants and fauna around us.  Now Omotoria is using this ancient knowledge to help beautify and heal your skin as nature intended with our wide range of natural skincare products.

We are constantly striving to create products that are not only safe and rewarding for you and your family but are also safe for the environment.






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