Harmful to Mammals

Polyethylene is the most common form of plastic used in the world today.  In scientific studies this plastic was shown to give rats cancerous tumours when ingested. Polyethylene is used in many cosmetics, It is flexible and has a smooth, waxy feel. When ground up, this small microplastic is included in scrubs as a gentle abrasive. When mixed with glycol, it becomes a viscous liquid.  Polyethylene Glycol helps keep products stable and performs functions similar to those of glycerin. Because polyethylene glycol can penetrate skin, it is also a vehicle that helps deliver other ingredients deeper into the skin. 

Polyethylene has been shown to cause cancerous tumours in mammals and it has also been shown to deeply penetrate the skin making this plastic a highly suspect ingredient that should be avoided by those looking to keep their skin healthy without risking their overall health.

Polyethylene glycol performs similar functions in moisturizing skin and delivering other ingredients into the skin as vegetable glycerin.  Vegetable glycerin is safe, natural and plant based.  The safe and natural choice seems to be the more intelligent choice.

Harmful to our environment

Polyethylene in microplastic bead form (used in scrubs, toothpaste and shower gels) is contaminating our sewage systems, rivers, lakes and oceans.  Fish that would normally eat tiny plankton will feed on these microplastic beads filling their stomachs with indigestible material, eventually starving.  Polyethylene is the dominant form of plastic that is contributing to the over six million tons of plastic that is settling in our oceans and lakes today.

Please don't use products containing Polyethylene.  It's better for your body and our planet.