Put simply - To offer the safest, most effective and natural skin and body care products available world wide.

All that we are and all that we need to live healthy, beautiful and fulfilling lives is available to us through nature.  Each natural product at Omtoria is created to improve life - yours and the life of our planet. 

                  A Fresh Batch of Natural Body Butter

                  A Fresh Batch of Natural Body Butter

Omtoria All Natural Skin Care is committed both internationally and regionally to ensure the health of it’s clients, employee’s and the environment.  It is the philosophy of Omtoria that skin care manufacturing go far beyond the goal of achieving product sales and growth but that we also strive to develop sustainable and environmentally friendly manufacturing and operating practices.  To this end, we continually offer education and training to those associated with Omtoria about the importance of ethical and sustainable manufacturing practices.

When selecting ingredients for product development the following criteria must be met:

1.     The ingredient must be from a natural plant based and sustainable source.

2.     The ingredient must not appear on any hot list issued by a regulatory agency such as the FDA or the CFDA.

3.     Phototoxic essential oils shall not be used.

4.     Our products will not contain any fillers and each ingredient that we use will be chosen specifically because of its beneficial properties.


We at Omtoria All Natural Skin Care will strive to create the safest and most effective natural skin care products available world wide through responsible and intelligent aromatherapy and herbalism practices.  If an ingredient is not beneficial to people and the world that we live in then we shall not use it.


 Love your body through nature, we do!